The most hipster-ish neighborhoods: international edition (visit or avoid as you’d like)

We Were Evergreen

Look, we all know about Williamsburg. If you’re a man, don’t even go to Williamsburg if you don’t currently have a big lumberjack beard. To live in Williamsburg is to listen to We Were Evergreen on repeat, work at a start-up, and bleed plaid. Those are the rules. But there are plenty of hipster-heavy neighborhoods all across the globe. Nowhere near New York City, in fact. Here’s a look at four of the most painfully hip places to exist.

Fitzroy – Melbourne, Australia
We had to include Fitzroy because 2015 is probably the last year Fitzroy will hold on to its title of most hipster-ish neighborhood in Melbourne. This little burg is home to Melbourne’s Fringe Festival, making it a magnet for all kinds of artistic types. You’d think a place like that would own the hipster crown for the long-term, but as every good hipster who has ironically viewed every single episode of Happy Days knows, it’s only a matter of time before Fitzroy jumps the shark.

Shoreditch – London, UK
Look, okay. It’s the international edition of the hipster neighborhood, so we can’t name any New York neighborhoods. And we tried really hard not to name any in Paris and London. Really, we did. Paris and London are just such obvious hipster stomping grounds. (Speaking of We Were Evergreen.) But we simply had to cave when it came to Shoreditch. While other London hipster neighborhoods clamor to be named ‘the new Shoreditch,’ the old Shoreditch hasn’t given up its crown just yet. Songkick, and Dopplr all call Shoreditch home so the start-up hipster culture won’t be clearing out anytime soon.

Florentine – Tel Aviv, Israel
Florentine is a neighborhood in Tel Aviv known for a number of things, the first of which is arguably a reality TV series from the ’90s. It may not sound like we’re off to the hippest start here, but as the neon in your closet can attest, the ’90s are back. Florentine is also rife with renowned Bauhaus architecture and is now known as an artists’ haven. Up and coming artists and musicians make up the bulk of Florentine’s population. The rest of the population? People who look like up and coming artists and musicians. With its wealth of street art and non-stop night life, Florentine is widely compared to SoHo in NY.

Vesterbro – Copenhagen, Denmark
Vesterbro is home to the smallest coffee shop and the smallest hotel in Copenhagen. Which gives it good hipster cred. It’s also one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. And what hipster doesn’t at least pretend to like biking? But what propels Vesterbro to this esteemed list is its seedy past, the kind of rags to infinity scarf riches story other hipster neighborhoods can only dream of. Before its rebirth as a home to beards and leggings, Vesterbro was known for its rampant sex industry and large number of butcher shops. (Hopefully unrelated.)

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