Sailing with Style – Fashion Choices for the Yacht

Sailing yachts and fashion go together perfectly, but the sea often demands clothing that can deal with the elements. Dressing appropriately for conditions is always an important consideration. The type of yachting trip also plays a role in clothing selection. An inshore day cruise in clear weather allows for fashion to trump technical clothing and skimpy bikinis, shorts, and light shirts from sailing clothiers such as Henri Lloyd can be worn. Offshore yachting in autumn or in inclement weather calls for technical clothing such as weatherproof jackets and footwear designed to maintain traction in wet conditions. Sailors worried about fashion have nothing to fear, outfitters such as Gill Marine specialize in making technical sailing gear like jackets that provide both function and style.

Summer Fun in the Sun

Those just along for the ride on an inshore day cruise can enjoy sailing with style. Summer trips allow passengers to wear any type of fashion they prefer – except for high heels. Boat decks just don’t like high heeled footwear and the captain will insist that passengers slip them off. Smart ladies wear sandals or even walk around in bare feet. Givenchy with flair can score major points. Bare legs can also cause a stir. Preppy shorts are always a good bet and pass the sailing with style test season after season.

Wearing a bikini when sailing is another fashion that never goes out of style. For singles, the skimpier the better. Venus or Macy’s are both good choices for those who have prepped their body for summer fun. Just don’t forget that the sun can be unforgiving on the skin and make sure to bring a breezy pair of pants and light shirt to put on should the sun become oppressive.

Getting Formal

The cocktail dress works when the situation is a bit more formal onboard. It’s both comfortable and attractive and fits well into any type of setting. Sailing with style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Dillard’s for example carries a range of inexpensive cocktail dresses that can be worn onboard a sailing vessel. Of course, pricey brands such as Carmen Marco Valvo fit right in as well.

In reality, it is the body filling out the dress that counts, right? So for those who really want to look fashionable while sailing on a yacht, plan to buy an exercise outfit and hit the gym long before sailing season. That way – no matter what brand you go with – you’ll be perfect.

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