HIRO Media Listed in the Top 10 Fastest Growing EMEA Tech Companies

Online video content creator supply-side creators HIRO Media of Tel Aviv, Israel continue to make headlines with new contracts and awards across the industry. The end of 2014 saw the results of the coveted Deloitte awards for the fastest growing companies working in the technology sphere in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and it was no surprise to those who have been keeping abreast of HIRO Media’s progress and growth in the region that the company is listed in 7th place.

Most of HIRO media’s focus has been on helping content providers move from Business to Business (B2B) selling to the Business to Customer (B2C) world. This lucrative yet challenging transition is overseen and managed by HIRO media, who employ a combination of over 50 media, technology and advertising experts.

The growth of the company, as evidenced by the Deloitte award, has been phenomenal. HIRO Media’s unique video monetization service is now the backbone of over 15% of online video advertising, a huge market that is growing exponentially as more and more customers upgrade to fast broadband connections.

The company has grown to be over 200 times compared to its size in 2009, thanks mainly to the company’s focus on the casual viewer market, keeping the monetization platform easy to use, and ensuring that the tools are comprehensive in nature.

Recognition as an industry leader is clearly important for a company in such a hotly-contested market, and the continued growth of the company is a testament to its vision and staying power. Serving over three billion videos ads a month for over 1500,000 sites, HIRO media has risen to become one of the largest online advertisement delivery companies in the world. Over 160,000 unique visitors view ads served by HIRO media every month.

Companies included in the Fast 500 companies chosen by Deloitte must meet strict criteria – there’s little point in including tiny companies or companies that don’t compete in the Europe, Middle East and Africa marketplace. With the focus on the tech sector, competing companies must essentially be a technology company that is creating its own hardware or software as its main focus. Alternatively, the company can be spending a large proportion of its time performing research in technology.

Ranking 7th is the Deloitte fastest growing EMEA company list is something that HIRO Media’s investors and potential investors will be most interested in, and all signs point to the company continuing this phenomenal growth.

HIRO Media ranked the 7th fastest growing technology company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2014

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