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We don’t want you to think you aren’t a unique and fascinating person. You probably are. It’s entirely possible. However, we do have to say that there’s a good chance Electric Sheep has something that will appeal to your tastes. That’s just how it works when a diverse selection of fresh content is on offer. Here’s an overview of the interests Electric Sheep is catering to with its sites.

For the fashion lovers
Stay in style with I-N-Magazine, a web mag coming straight to you from style and designer hot spots all over the globe. The current issue is focused on the up and coming designers, models and stylists in the re-emerging design center in the Black Sea region of Russia and the Ukraine.

For the boxing fans
A true boxing fan probably doesn’t need much more than access to classic boxing fights and a primetime television show starring Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone, but The Uppercut goes one step further, providing everything the millennial man’s man needs, including workout and lifestyle tips.

For the creative souls
Music? Art? Cinema? A community of tens of thousands focused and driven creatives? If any of that intrigues you, then Unblocker is where you want to be. Specializing in inspiration, Unblocker is exactly what the name makes it sounds like: where you go when you need to overcome your creative blocks.

For those looking for a laugh
If you truly believe laughter is the best medicine, then Electric Sheep’s Comicure will allow you to put your money where your mouth is. Comicure serves up bits from some of the world’s leading comedians while also encouraging donations to charities around the world, including Malaria No More and Feeding America.

For those who love their gossip
Scoops, spoilers and all the gossip you could want. If the red carpet is where you’d be if you didn’t like your couch so much, then the Futon Critic Zone is the place for you. It’s your all-access pass to behind the scenes of today’s hottest TV.

For celeb style hawks
If you’re the type of person who absolutely needs to know where Chloe Moretz got that lace dress, what anti-red carpet look Kristen Stewart is rocking, what Cara is doing with her brows, what Miley is doing with her hair, and what Uma Thurman is doing in general, then Stylebrity is the type of place you’ll love.

For the nautical enthusiasts
Yachting, sailing and other marine sports aren’t all glamour, though you won’t know it from The Ocean Society. Alongside premium shows and the latest boating news, The Ocean Society also has an in-depth lifestyle blog for those of you who would rather live your lives out on the ocean.

For the vampire drama lovers
Anyone looking for their fix of a quirky vampire show described as a cross between Buffy and Glee need look no further than Electric Sheep’s Split.tv. This is where to find online episodes of the global hit television show Split.

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