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RPA and HR – tasks that are the perfect fit

RPA for HR a perfect fit

Ten years ago, HR departments’ biggest challenges included attracting and retaining high-quality talent, employee retention, onboarding processes, absenteeism, compensation, and work benefits. While these are still relevant, today’s challenges are far more complex, and HR is far removed from yesteryear’s paper-pushers. We’re not only talking about dealing with a fluctuating […]

NASA to Decide on Orbiting Lunar Base Early 2019


NASA is envisaging building a station that revolves around the moon and acts as a stop-over for astronauts headed for the moon, Mars, or other destinations on their missions. The vision comprises many small steps and a lot of funding from private businesses. Originally called the Deep Space Gateway, the […]

Quantum Computer Scale-Up Might be on its Way


By Contenticles Despite global efforts by leading universities and top hi-tech corps, including Google, IBM, and Microsoft, to try upscale quantum technology and produce a real-world quantum PC, they’ve been unable to overcome the huge tech issue of how to achieve calculations within a tolerable margin of error. However, a […]

What Kind of Flashlight Should You Purchase?

One of the hardest parts about purchasing flashlights is how many different kinds of flashlights there are, such as EDC, Tactical, Hunting, Compact, Flood, Headlamps, and many more. With all of these different choices it can be almost impossible to know what kind of flashlight to buy. In many cases […]

HIRO Media’s Ariel Napchi on Netflix vs. Network

Netflix vs. Network

Until recently, the most successful TV network in the United States has been CBS, a channel that has been broadcasting entertainment into the homes of millions of Americans since 1941. While other major networks remained competitive at best, CBS truly earned its slogan as “America’s Most Watched Network.” However, as […]