Year: 2015

HIRO Media’s Ariel Napchi on Netflix vs. Network

Netflix vs. Network

Until recently, the most successful TV network in the United States has been CBS, a channel that has been broadcasting entertainment into the homes of millions of Americans since 1941. While other major networks remained competitive at best, CBS truly earned its slogan as “America’s Most Watched Network.” However, as […]

Tale of a Transformation: How a Georgian Restaurant in Tel Aviv Became Vegan

restaurants in tel aviv‬

For years Nanuchka was known as a party-atmosphere restaurant that served hearty, sumptuous, traditionally Georgian fare. And yes, that meant dishes that were heavy on meat, dairy, and eggs, like meat-filled Khinkali dumplings, Mtsvadi skewers of lamb, and Khachapuri, or cheese bread. But a little over two years ago the […]

Make the most of your boutique hotel Tel Aviv vacation

boutique hotel Tel Aviv

It isn’t exactly difficult to have a great vacation in Tel Aviv. With glittering Mediterranean beaches, rich historical attractions, world-class restaurants and shopping, and non-stop nightlife, there’s a never-ending selection of things to do and see. However, while it’s easy to enjoy yourself in Tel Aviv, it’s also easy to […]

HIRO Media Listed in the Top 10 Fastest Growing EMEA Tech Companies

Online video content creator supply-side creators HIRO Media of Tel Aviv, Israel continue to make headlines with new contracts and awards across the industry. The end of 2014 saw the results of the coveted Deloitte awards for the fastest growing companies working in the technology sphere in Europe, the Middle […]

Sailing with Style – Fashion Choices for the Yacht

Sailing yachts and fashion go together perfectly, but the sea often demands clothing that can deal with the elements. Dressing appropriately for conditions is always an important consideration. The type of yachting trip also plays a role in clothing selection. An inshore day cruise in clear weather allows for fashion […]

The basics behind the art of body painting: what you need to know before you begin

Hopefully this isn’t the one article you’ve paused to read before covering your best friend in body art. We’re simply hoping that you’ve taken the time to read more than one article before painting a human body, because you know what? The art of body painting is a little complicated. […]

Exciting technological developments that could revolutionize the Volvo Ocean Race

Designers and manufacturers of yachts know that yachts and superyacht purchases are driven by the allure of exciting, innovative and new technologies. Many yacht designers and manufacturers are testing out some great new concepts and technologies when building their yachts that make sailing simpler, faster, safer and more enjoyable. Many […]

Top supermodels in the making… who died young

It’s easy to be envious of the women and young girls who seemed poised for supermodel-dom. They’ll make more money than they’ll ever know what to do with, they’ll be revered by people all over the world, and will be mainstays at the hottest parties and biggest events for years […]